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    1. for HOT patients – we radiograph them in the treatment room so are using intra-orals where possible. We have reverted our dept back to cold and an OPT will be made HOT as when required but only been asked to do 1 OPT for a HOT patient since the start of the pandemic and numbers in the HOT stream were never big but are continually decreasing.Have used FFP3 for HOT patients as had agreement that our staff going into to radiograph them should be offered the same protection as those treating them. Was easier to do as they are going physically into a HOT zone.
    2. 300 routine patients on waiting list – have asked clinicians to validate the list. From this week have been appointing patients up to 10/day. Will keep under review to see how patients flow fits in with other departments starting up. Extended days and weekend work are being considered. We have had staff volunteer for overtime but will also consider modifying work patterns and assess on an individual basis.
    3. Reduced staffing at minute helping with social distancing and as we have no students hoping that patient flow through will be good. Encouraging OPTs where possible to help with this but will take intra-orals if needed but am not concerned about taking intra-orals with standard PPE. Standard PPE as others for cold patients.
    4. Staffing will may be an issue when students come back and social distancing will be an issue. May look to provide phantom teaching off dept if possible. Think we have to be realistic and accept that students won’t get the practical experience they have had previously and that will be in line with all aspects of training. Will look at other resources (thanks for the tip Nick) and the emphasis in terms of radiology/radiography will be different. Lectures being delivered remotely.
    5. US running – currently using standard PPE for cores/FNAs but this may be changed as we start seeing more routine patient with pre-procedure swabs being considered and FFP3 on an individual’s vulnerability.
    6. Have recommenced sialograms, interventions and macrodacros.
    Best wishes

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