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    Stephen Goss

    Welcome to the BSDMFR Radiographer section of the website! So we can all get to know each other better please feel free to introduce yourself.

    Stephen Goss

    I’m Stephen, I’m currently the Deputy Superintendent in Dental Radiology at GSTT.

    I qualified as a Radiographer in 2009 and started in Dentals in 2010 at KCH. When I was training I took a big interest in both Ultrasound and Dentals, so when the opportunity to take on a post in Dentals came up I snapped it up! Since then I’ve jumped over to GSTT and joined the BSDMFR. I was on council for 3 years and ran three of the BSDMFR Autumn study days (with a fair amount of assistance from a number of members I’m very grateful too).

    Now I’m currently on council as the website manager as I felt it was a very exciting opportunity to modernise and continue to improve our society. I’m hoping that we can grow our online presence and use this as a platform to be able to communicate more effectively within our community!


    Fiona Ball
    Hi, I’m Fiona I am currently the Superintendent in Dental Radiology at GSTT.
    I first qualified as a radiographer in December 1981 and have specialised in dental radiography for most of my career.
    I have worked in 3 dental hospitals, The Royal Dental Hospital Leicester Square (which closed in the 80s), Guy’s and The Eastman Dental Hospital.
    I believe that it is very important for radiographers to join the BSDMFR and to attend study days because this gives us a chance to meet others within our speciality to exchange ideas and to keep abreast of developments and changes in practice.
    I will be attending the next radiographer’s forum on 20th April and look forward to meeting some of you there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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